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Who Are We?

After 27 years with the highest levels of production home building, Toll Brothers, Engle and Trafalgar House retired. My only responsibility at that time was to get my 5 year old niece and my 6 year old nephew on the bus at 9:04 and off the bus at 4:17. The fact is that wtih too much time and too much money Uncle Richard can get himself in trouble between 9:04 and 4:17 and I'm not sure what I would do not working.

I started Elite just over 4 years ago hoping to do a couple of decks a month for what I call Disney money (to take my little niece and nephew to Disney). We did 168 decks in 2020, over 200 in 2021, and well over 500 in the last 4 years and will do well over 200 this year. We have a secret recipe for success, which is build it as if you were building it for your mother and you will never have to ask me whether it's right or wrong!

Let's be honest, this all sounds great but how do you really know as home improvements has the second worst reputation only to car repairs. That's simple. Please allow us to take you on a tour of our work so you can see first ahnd the quality of our work, design ideas, and so you can hear from our customers' mouth about their experience with us. Remember that you can have a great steak at a great price but if you did NOT have a great service you still did NOT have a great meal!

We are all about giving the BEST BANG for the BUCK. We are a TREX PLATINUM PRO builder which means we are actually on the website as a preferred builder (you cannot pay to be on this list). The beautiful thing about working with a TREX PRO is that the TREX company extends your warranty!


Reach out to us today to get started!


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